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Size Chart

Size assistant, your help for finding the right size.
To avoid misunderstandings we show here our size/options chart to help you decide making the right choice between the options some products have.

Our seducing Bra's

To ensure that your bra fits you well and stays comfortable throughout the day, it is essential that you buy the correct size. Follow our simple measuring guide to ensure that you have a perfect fit.
Measure around your body directly under your bust while breathing in and find the right size in the table below.
If you require any more help on buying the right size then please email your queries to us.
Our seducing Bra 1. BRA UNDER BUST WITDH
Measure around your body directly under your bust and find the size code belonging to it.

Measure around the fullest part of your bust. The difference in the number of centimeters between this measurement and your size code around your body directly under your bust, gives your cup size. See table below for details.

Size under bust in centimeters 68-72 73-77 78-82 83-87 88-92 93-97
Underbust Size Europe 70 75 80 85 90 95

Difference between under bust and cup size in centimeters 12-14 14-16 16-18 18-20
Cup size Europe A B C D

Our unique Nipple Necklaces

Our unique Nipple Necklaces 1. NECKLACE LENGTH
Measure the straight distance between the little hole in your neck and your nipple and check if your size is between the "standard" range.
Should the standard length be too short for you then please leave a comment with your size in the message area which appears during the order process as we will produce the necklace fitting to your body.
Distance from neck to nipple in centimeters 18-26 26-32
Necklace size Standaard Large

Belly Chains / Hip Waist Chains / Body Chains

Belly Chains / Hip Waist Chains / Body Chains 1. WAIST SIZE
Take your size some loose just around your hips. See in which range your measurement invades and find the correct length of the collar in "drop-down" the menu.
Size arround your hips in centimeters 71-81 79-89 87-97
Belly Chain length Small Medium Large

Our Non-piercing TeaserClips

There is no need to go to your local piercer in town to wear our Jewelry! ;-) Our unique Breast Jewelry makes use of a pair of Teaser Clips, special shaped clips made of .925 Silver wire. It is the shape and the system what makes the clips so comfortable to wear and so easy to attach on, and remove from your body.

Non-piercing TeaserClips Here we show the TeaserClips get attached in action Basic principle of the clips is that they WILL NOT squeeze or crush your precious and sensitive nipples and so won’t leave you with pain or discomfort halfway your evening out...
The development of the clip started in year 2003 after we did lot of tests and research.
Out coming result was the TeaserClip as it is nowadays, a decent and body friendly method to give you the possibility to wear sensual Jewelry without the need to pierce your friends!

In case you have pierced nipples then you can simply attach the clips behind your piercings. 

The Clips will be standard delivered in 2 different sizes.

Swarovski Heart & Drop pendants

We offer you the choice of the following colors Swarovski hearts and drops where applied.

Heart Clear (Crystal) Heart blue (Aqua) Heart green (Peridot) Drop clear (Crystal) Drop blue (Aqua) Drop brown (Topaz)
Heart Clear (Crystal) Heart Blue (Aqua) Heart Green (Peridot) Drop Clear (Crystal) Drop Blue (Aqua) Drop Brown (Topaz)

Choice of your chain

With some jewelry we offer you the following choice of chain types.

Figaro chain Jasseron Chain
Jasseron chain Figaro Chain
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