Our favorite necklace designed for the sexy Push-Up decolleté

Non piercing Breast Necklace designed for the sexy Push-Up decolleté
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Designed for the sexy Push-Up decolleté

This Non Piercing Breast Necklace gives you most sexy decolleté in combination with a Push-Up Bra.
The Sterling Silver chains follow your well rounded décolleté while the Crystal heart is sweet dangling op top of your breasts.
Off course this Nipple Necklace can be worn with a regular Bra or even without Bra, but the result is most sexy in combination with a Push-Up Bra for the Dazzling cleavage!
Adjustable in the neck and on the clips.



Material: .925 Silver 
Chain Model: Jasseron



Suitable for nipple piercings (piercing) and not pierced nipples (non piercing). 

There is no need to go to your local piercer in town to wear our Jewelry! ;-) Our unique Breast Jewelry makes use of a pair of Teaser Clips, special shaped clips made of .925 Silver wire. It is the shape and the system what makes the clips so comfortable to wear and so easy to attach on, and remove from your body.

Non-piercing TeaserClips Basic principle of the clips is that they WILL NOT squeeze or crush your precious and sensitive nipples and so won’t leave you with pain or discomfort halfway your evening out... 
A decent and body friendly method to give you the possibility to wear sensual Jewelry without the need to pierce your friends!

In case you have pierced nipples then you can simply attach the clips behind your piercings. 
The Clips will be standard delivered in 2 different sizes.



Our Breast jewelry, unique in its kind, are designed to accentuate your cleavage. The Nipple necklaces follow the beautiful curves of your breasts and then mysteriously disappear under clothing which only you know where they end.



The full adjustability gives you the possibility to set the Nipple Necklace perfectly for your body so that the nipple chains will be nicely visible on your breasts and not, as is often seen, between or simply disappear under your breasts, so boring...



Each piece of our Nipple necklace collection is handmade and only by use of high quality materials such as solid .925 Silver (Sterling) or .585 Gold (=14Karat) and labeled with our BT jewellery Brand tag.
Each piece is made for you with much love and passion.



By wearing our seducing Nipple Necklaces you put extra attention to your lovely decolleté, yielding a very attractive appearance combined with the right, slightly deeper cut, garment. Your confidence will shine with happiness as never before!
Our Breast jewelry are therefore ideally designed to bring you a naughty and exciting night out.


Absolutely stunning nipple chain necklace! My wife likes to wear it as often she can, it makes her decollete indeed very sexy and adored, thank you!
With love, John and Maria

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